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To keep track of prices in his saloon/store

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2010-03-01 12:37:07
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Q: Why did James ritty invent the cash register?
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When did James Ritty invent the cash register?

in 1879 in dayton Ohio

When did James Ritty invent the cash register in 1879?

January 30 1879

Where did James Ritty invent the first cash register in 1879?

Dayton, Ohio

What did James j ritty invent?

James J. Ritty was the inventor of the cash register. Besides being an inventor, he was also a saloon keeper.

What did James ritty invent?

James ritty invented the first cash register bc he was a saloon owner and he needed a place to put his money after each customer.

Who invented the the first cash register?

James Ritty.

Where was James ritty born?

James Ritty, inventor of the cash register, was born in Dayton, Ohio on 29 October, 1836.

When was the original cash register machines made?

Cash register machines can be dated back to 1879 when James Ritty invented the first register. The Ritty Model 1 was invented to stop persons from taking profits from his saloon. It was patented in 1883.

What did James Ritty do to create the cash register?

On January 30, 1883, James Ritty and John Birch received a patent for inventing the cash register. James Ritty invented what was nicknamed the "Incorruptible Cashier" or the first working, mechanical cash register. His invention came with that familiar bell sound referred to in advertising as "The Bell Heard Round the World". After reading a description of the cash register designed by James Ritty and sold by the National Manufacturing Company, John H. Patterson decided to buy both the company and the patent. He renamed the company the National Cash Register Company in 1884. John Patterson improved the cash register by adding a paper roll to record sales transactions. Charles F. Kettering designed a cash register with an electric motor in 1906, while working at the National Cash Register Company. He later worked at General Motors and invented an electric self-starter (ignition) for a Cadillac.

When was James Ritty born?

James Jacob Ritty, inventor of the first working version of a mechanical cash register, was born in Dayton, Ohio in 1837.

As you may be able to guess from the name NCR was established to manufacture and sell what 1879 invention of James Ritty's?

Cash register

Who invented cash registers?

James Ritty

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