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because neither republicans or democratics had a clear lead

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Q: Why did the House of Representatives decide the presidential election of 1800?
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Did the house of representatives ever have to decide a presidential election?

1800 & 1824

If no majority in presidential election who decides?

The house of representatives

The winner of the presidential election of 1800 was chosen by the?

House of Representatives

In the case of a tie who determines the outcome of a presidential election?

The House of Representatives.

What if no majority is won during a presidential election?

If there is no majority in a presidential election, the election moves to the newly elected house of Representatives who vote on the top 3 contestants.

Why Did the House of Representatives decide the 1824 Presidential Election?

None of the candidates got enough votes in the Electoral College.

Why did the house of Representatives decide the election of 1800-?

The House of Representatives decided the election of 1800 because both candidates received the same amount of electoral votes.

When was the last election of US House of Representatives?

The most recent election for the US House of Representatives was Tuesday, November 2, 2010, when all 435 seats were up for reelection. The next election for the House is in the Presidential election year 2012.

The 1824 presidential election was decided?

The 1824 Presidential election was decided by the House of Representatives. This occurred because neither candidate had received a majority of the vote.

Was the 1824 presidential election between Adams and Jackson decided by the house of representatives?

Yes, it was.

Can there be a tie in the presidential election?

Yes, and there has been (1800). If there was a tie, the House of Representatives would vote.

Which Constitutional Amendment was passed to prevent a Presidential Election from being decided in the House of Representatives?


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