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because they got independence from the british

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Q: Why do people celebrate Independence Day in India?
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Why india celebrate independence day a small speech?

India celebrate independence day because on this day it was free from the british rule

What religious festivals do they celebrate in India?

They celebrate their independence day on August 15th.

Which countries celebrate their independence day on 15th aug?

Korea, Congo, Liechtenstein and India celebrate their Independence Day on August 15.

Which countries celebrate Independence Day on August 14?

Pakistan is the country which celebrate its independence day on 14th of august.thay gor the freedom from india

Who celebrate indipendence August 15?

India celebrate the Independence Day on the 15th August.

What do polish people celebrate?

Polish people celebrate Christmas and Easter. They also celebrate Constitution day, All Saint's day, and they celebrate their Independence Day in November.

What nation celebrates independence day on July forth?

America and India celebrate Independence Day on July 4th.

How do people in Madagascar celebrate Independence Day?

Do you mean the American Independence day or thier Independence day?

When does Kenya celebrate Independence Day?

People in Kenya celebrate their National Day on December 12th. They call this day Jamuhri Day or Independence Day.

Which country celebrate August 15 as independence day?

India and south Korea celebrates independence day on 15 of August.

Does Great Britain have the same independence day as India?

Great Britain, or the United Kingdom, doesn't celebrate an independence day.

On Independence Day we celebrate independence from whom?

On Independence Day we celebrate independence from the British.

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