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Most members of the Congress didn't want to break away from England. They wanted the colonies to remain English.

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Q: Why do you think that most members of the Second Continental Congress wanted to remain English?
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What members of the second continental congress was also the commanding general of the continental congress?

Begamin Franklin

What does second continental congress have to do with the second continental congress?

the second contnental congress is the second continental congress so they have a lot to do with eachother!

Who was the president of second continental congress?

The president of the Second Continental Congress was Peyton Randolph.George Washington

Delegates of the second continental congress?

The first Continental Congress consisted of 56 delegates from the 13 colonies. The Second Continental Congress added new members such as John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, James Wilson, Benjamin Franklin and Lyman Hall.

When was Second Continental Congress created?

Second Continental Congress was created in 1775.

When did Second Continental Congress end?

Second Continental Congress ended in 1781.

What the meaning of second continental congress?

second continental congress is a second group of delegates from the colonies.

What did the second Continental Congress decide to do in response to the British?

The second Continental Congress formed a continental army.

What was the major result of the second continental congress?

In the second continental congress, the Declaration was adopted.

What created the second continental congress?

The second continental congress created the National Government.

Who was the largest delegate at the second continental congress?

Who was the largest delegate at the second continental congress

Where did the Second Continental Congress start?

The Second Continental Congress met in Philadelphia, as had the First.

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