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Q: Compare and contrast the middle kingdom and the new kingdom?
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Compare and contrast the old age and the new stone age?

compare and contrast the new and the old stone age

Compare and contrast geographic and culture characteristics of the New England colonies the Middle colonies and the Southern colonies?

i need to find out about the middle colonies

Compare and contrast Australia Canada and New Zealand?

compare climate of canada and newzealand

What is the difference the old kingdom the middle kingdom and the new kingdom?

Well thats easy... In the old kingdom.... and in the new kingdom... and also in the middle kingdom...

How can you compare and contrast the Middle Colonies New England Colonies and the Southern Colonies?

U can compare them by going to A diff website because this website sucks it shows the wrong ansters

How did the new kingdom differ from the middle kingdom?

the new kingdom had more monuments and the middle kingdom only had a few such as the great pyramid. also, slavery was very popular and new in the new kingdom because of Thutmose . the middle kingdom didn't have much slaves at the time but farmers had to do the jobs a slave does. farmers were in the lower class in the middle kingdom but now the enslaved people are the lower class in the new kingdom

Why did the middle kingdom decline?

The middle kingdom declined because they did nor like the way they were acting in the new and old kingdoms......................................................................................................... so that why they declined the new and old kingdom that is my answer to why the middle kingdom declined.

Did King Tutankhamun live in the New kingdom times or the Middle kingdom times or the Old kingdom times?

Middle Kingdom

What was the capital of middle kingdom and old kingdom?

old-memphis middle and new-thebes

Compare and contrast a New England town an sourthern plantations?

I have know idea

Was Cleopatra in the New Middle or Old Kingdom?

The Old Kingdom

Who ruled Egypt between the middle kingdom and new kingdoms?

No one as soon as the middle kingdom ended the New kingdom started with the same line of pharaohs

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