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Check this out on the internet and will find the perseverant;)

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The concept of equality before the law was introduced to the Constitution in the

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Q: Compare and contrast the politics in ancient Rome and Greece?
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Can you Compare and contrast today's government and ancient roman government?

CAN YOU COMPARE AND Contrast today government and acient Greece we use today

Compare and contrast ancient Greece and modern America?

same government and military

Compare and contrast Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece?

Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome were actually quite similar. They were both democratic. However, Greece had much more art than Rome did.

How would you compare and contrast Greece and Rome?

To compare and contrast Greece and Rome, you need to do some research on them to find ways they were the same and different. Jot down some notes of key points. When you have the information, you are ready to compare and contrast them.

Who was allowed to particpate in politics durning the time of ancient greece and rome?

Athens were the ones that were allowed to participate in politics. This is in the time of the ancient Greece.

Did women in ancient Greece participate freely in politics?


Who was a famous person in ancient Greece and what did he do?

Pericles was a very famous person in ancient Greece and was a leader in politics and democracy.sargon

Compare and contrast the gods in Ancient Greece with those in ancient rome?

There wasn't much difference with the gods. Ancient Rome just used Ancient Greek gods and gave them different names. For example, Zeus was called Jupiter in Ancient Rome.

How does artist from ancient Greece contrast to ancient rome?

Ancient rome were anonymous, poorly paid workers.

How do you compare ancient Roman government with ancient Greece government?

they were the same government.

In contrast to artist in Ancient Greece artist in ancient Rome were?

anonymous poorly paid workers

In contrast to artists in Ancient Greece artist in Ancient Rome were?

anonymous, poorly paid workers

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