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They did not invent either.

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Q: Did the Egyptians invent the use of mathematics or the number system?
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Ancient Egyptians developed and used a number system?

The ancient Egyptians used the decimal number system.

Why did the Egyptians need to invent a writing system?

so they could trade with other places.

What was the Babylonians mathematics?

they had a number system based on the number 60.

True or false ancitent egyptians developed and used a number system?

It is true that the ancient Egyptians developed and used a number system.

What number system did Indian mathematicians invent?

The decimal system!

How did India invent that number system?

India did not invent the number system. Indian mathematicians introduced the concept of zero. This was a key development that led to our number system which is based on place-values.

Did Aryabhatta invent number system?

yes he did

How did egyptians represent numbers?

Egyptians uses base 10 number system

What did Bill James invent?

James actually invented a system for collecting and analyzing baseball with mathematics. It is called Sabermetrics.

Did Egyptian people invented numbers?

No. Egyptians did not invent numbers. Numbers used for counting were first used tens of thousands of years ago, before written history and thus before there are known civilizations. As for base or place number systems, the Myans are believed to be the first to create such a number system. It was base 60. Then the Egyptians invented a 10 base number system.

What did the ancient egyptians invent to keep track of records?

Egyptians kept records on a paper-like utensil called a papyrus. They used a writing system called hieroglyphics.

Who uses the egptian number system and where?

At a guess, I imagine that the Egyptians used the number system in Egypt

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