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the environment influenced ancient Greece by helping them get their needs and the shaped how they lived.

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Q: How did environment influence ancient Greece?
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How did environment influence homes in ancient Greece?

Environment influenced homes in ancient Greece. Low lying structures required adequate ventilation for the heat. Mountain living dictated caves as major structures to insulate from the cold.

How did the physical environment influence travel and communication between the different city-states in ancient Greece?

they travel by phsicalenvorment

What was the mediterranean triad and what influence did it have on Ancient Greece?

i bet your in year 5 or 6 trying to do a project on ancient Greece

How did ancient Greece influence us today on todays society?

Ancient Greece influenced architecture a lot (with columns)

How did the Greeks adapt do the environment in ancient Greece?


In ancient Greece how did the people adapt to their environment?

they do everything

How does homers Odyssey influence the film?

in ancient greece,the odyssey.

What were seas' political influence on Greece?

Ancient Greek Colonization

How did ancient china's natural environment influence its civilization?

the environment of ancient china impacted on the food of the ancient chinese people.

How did the environment affect the people in ancient Greece?

In ancient times , Greece nwas not one united or unified country because of the mountains. How did ... How does human development affect the environment?

How did Greece influence the Renaissance?

People of the Renaissance were influenced by Classical ideas that came from ancient Rome and Greece.

Which two ancient civilization had the greatest influence on western Europe?

Its debatable but probably Ancient Rome and Greece

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