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they were both absolute monarchs at the time

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Q: In what ways is Maria Theresa and Frederick the Great the same?
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Why did they call Marie Antoinette Antoine?

Her mother was Maria Theresa and she and all her sisters had the first name Maria. Her name was Maria Antonia. Marie Antoinette was what her name was changed to when she married the dauphin of France, because Marie Antoinette is the French version of Maria Antonia. As a child, she went by Antonia (because she and all her sisters had the same first name), so as a French name, Antoine would be the equivalent of Antonia. That's most likely where is came from.

What were the political considerations of Marie Antoinette's marriage?

Austria and France had been in each others hair for quite some decades. The Austrian Empress (Maria Theresa) and the French King (Louis XV) came to an understanding. They both had the same sworn enemy: England. Maria Theresa picked up the plan to make France an ally and she would do anything to negotiate a peace and, above all, cement it. She had 16 children, and since she married of all of her daughters out of political considerations, she decided that the one daughter that had the same age as the French dauphin (the crown prince of France), would be the one she would offer to the French court as a peace treaty. Louis XV was a little hesitant at first, but then agreed. Maria Theresa thought it would make France an important ally in her own political plans.

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Why is the pragmatic sanction important?

The Pragmatic Sanction was important because ensured that the hereditary possession of the Hapsburg could be inherited by the eldest daughter of the Emperor, in this case Maria Theresa, thus avoiding the division of the same and serious conflict, which would have caused a significant weakening of the House of Hapsburg.

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In what ways were Maria Theresa and Frederick the Great similar?

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