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The following are the gods and goddesses in Roman Mythology:
  • Apollo -- god of the sun
  • Aesculapius -- god of healing
  • Aurora -- goddess of the dawn
  • Ceres -- goddess of flora and harvest
  • Diana -- goddess of the moon and the Hunt
  • Discordia -- goddess of discord
  • Juno -- Queen of the gods
  • Jupiter -- Ruler of the gods; god of thunder
  • Juventa -- goddess of youth
  • Luna -- the moon; goddess of the moon
  • Mars -- God of War
  • Mercury -- messenger god
  • Minerva -- goddess of wisdom
  • Neptune -- god of the sea
  • Ops -- Titan mother of the gods, an earth goddess
  • Pluto -- god of the underworld
  • Proserpina -- goddess of spring; Queen of the underworld
  • Saturn -- Time; ruler of the Titans; god of time
  • Sol -- the sun; god of the sun
  • Uranus -- the sky; god of the sky
  • Vesta -- goddess of the hearth
  • Venus -- goddess of love, beauty, and fertility
  • Vulcan -- god of the forge
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Q: What are the gods and goddesses in Roman mythology?
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What is the origin of the roman gods and goddesses?

mythology is the origin

How many main gods and goddesses?

Are you talking about for the Greek Mythology or Roman Mythology?

What gods or goddesses were related?

In Greek/Roman mythology, the gods are all an extended family.

Why do they only have a few god and goddess?

There are not only a few gods and goddesses. In greek and roman mythology, their are tons of gods and goddesses

Do all gods and goddesses have a planet or constellation?

No. It is mainly figures from Roman mythology that have planets/constellations named after them, but as there are many other minor gods/goddesses in Roman mythology as well as deities from other religions, not all of them have a planet/constellation named after them.

What is the name of the Roman God?

The head of the Roman pantheon is called Jupiter. But Greco-Roman mythology includes dozens of gods and goddesses.

Why many gods have both Greek and Roman names?

Greek mythology came first. Then the Romans came. They admired the gods and goddesses of the Greeks and copied. The Roman gods and goddesses and more disciplined and war-like. Because Greek and Roman mythology things can't have the same name, Romans changed the names.

How many Roman gods and goddesses are there?

There are thousands of Roman gods and goddesses. No one knows an exact number. There are probably gods and goddesses we do not know about.

How many total Greek gods and goddesses are there?

There are hundreds of major and minor gods and goddesses in Greek mythology.

Is there more than 11 greek gods and goddesses?

There are twelve main gods and goddesses(the Olympians), but there are lots of other minor gods and goddesses in Greek mythology.

In Greek mythology which of the gods or goddess was not born to be immortal?

None of them. Gods and goddesses have to be immortal in Greek Mythology.

In Roman mythology who is the leader of the gods?

In Roman mythology, the leader of the gods is Jupiter. He is the Roman equivalent of Zeus from Greek mythology.

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