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Q: What did the Romans invent that you don't use today?
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What the Romans invent that you don't use today?


Did the Romans invent fashion people still use today?

No. Nobody has worn togas since the Roman days.

Did the Romans invent plumbing and do we still use it today?

The Romans invented certain types of plumbing, such as indoor toilets and indoor running water. And yes, we still used running water in our homes today as well as indoor toilets.

Was the Roman empire a good thing?

I think the roman empire was a good thing because if the Romans did not invent all the things they did we would not be able to have them and use them today.

What did monks invent that you use today?


What did Greeks invent that you use today?


What did the Romans invent that helps today?

One invention that helped with the creation of modern plumbing, irrigation, and sanitation was the Aqueducts. Other inventions of the Romans that are still in use today are concrete, newspapers, bound books, welfare, roads, the Julian Calendar, and battlefield surgery.

What did the Lydians invent that you use today?

They invented a type of currency we use today, coins!

What did the lydians invent that you still use today?


What did Sumerian's invent that we still use today?


Did the Romans invent the calander?

Well, other celenders had been invented before the Romans but the one we use today is the one they developed and which Julius Caesar perfected. Only one major change has been introduced since Roman times, the use of leap years.

Did euclid invent something you use today?

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What the Romans invent that you don't use today?

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