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Q: What is the basic system of writing developed during the Mayan era?
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How does Mayan writing differ from the alphabet?

In the Mayan writing system each symbol represents words and pictures, where as our writing system just shows words.

What is the Mayan peoples writing system called?


Was Mayan writing hieroglyphics?

Mayan script was initially called "hieroglyphics" by 18th Century Europeans, because of it's similarity to Egyptian writing, and the system is similar to Egyptian writing, but term "hieroglyphics" is usually reserved for Egyptian writing. Mayan script is more often called "Mayan glyphs."

What was the Mayan writing system used on?

The Mayan writing system, one of the most sophisticated systems developed in Mesoamerica, is made up of glyphs representing words or syllables. When combined, the glyphs formed any word or concept in the language. These heiroglyphic inscriptions were carved in wood, stone, monument, and architecture, or plained on paper, plaster walls and pottery.

What are Mayan hieroglyphs?

The Mayan hieroglyph is the basic units of the writing system were symbols. Note: i hope i answered your question.. :) *YuLi_So_CuTe*

How important is cuneiform?

it's very important, it's the Mayan Writing system!

What inventions did the Mayan people make?

Mathematics, writing, and their own calendar system.

What did ancient Mayans invent?

The ancient Mayans invented the Mayan Calendar. They developed a writing system before the rest of the world. They used crushed cacao beans to invent chocolate drinks.

What kind of writing did the Mayan People develop?

They developed hieroglyphics. It is called the Landa alphabet. It has a total of 27 letters.

Native group that developed large cities and writing in Mexico?

Both Aztec and Mayan civilizations made such accomplishments.

What pre columbian civilizations create a unique writing system?


What are 4 Mayan inventions?

Numeric calendersPok a pok,a writing system,math and building

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