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became more democratic

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Q: What type of government thrived during the age of pericles?
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What type of government thrived during the ages of pericles?

became more democratic

What type of government was in practIce during the age of pericles?

the jury

What type of government was Pericles?

Pericles was not a democracy. Pericles was a statesman in Athens and was considered today as a general. Pericles did not make Democracy. The people of Greece did.

Why type of government was pericles's describing?

Pericles funeral operation was describing a democratic government. Pericles passed further legislation against the Areopagus, and pay for political services, and in 451 restricted Athenian citizenship to children of Athenian parentage on both sides.

How did the Pericles change the Athenian society?

Pericles changed the Athenian society by proposing a new type of government to take effect. He wanted to start a democracy where all male Athenians could be involved with governmental decisions.

During World War 2 what type of government did Germany and Italy have?

what type of government did germany and italy have during ww2?

Did ancient Athens have communism in there government?

No, originally had a dictatorial type of goverment called draconian after its finder Drako.After he got dethroned Oligarchy was formed that was the rule of few. During Pericles time democracy was established and applied for Athenian citizens only

What is the type of government found during the Chandragupta dynasty?

Centralised Government.

What was Italy's type of government during 1939-1945?

Italy had a republican government during 1939-1945

What type of government did the US have during The Homestead Act?

what type of gorvernment did the US have during the Homestead Act?

What type of government was Serbia during WW1?


What type of government did the Romans have during the republic?

a tripartite

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