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Well in Egypt it was Memphis because when king Narmer known as Menese united upper Egypt and lower Egypt together he stayed in Memphis on the boarder of upper and lower Egypt but he originally come from upper Egypt which landed on the upper river

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Q: What was the capital of the old Kingdom?
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What was the capital city of the old kingdom of Egypt?

Memphis was the capital of old kingdom Egypt.

What is the the capital of the old kingdom?


What city was the capital of Egypt in the new kingdom?

The capital of Egypt during the New Kingdom, and part of the Middle Kingdom, was Thebes. The capital during the Old Kingdom was Memphis.

What is the capital of the New Kingdom and the Old Kingdom today?


What was the capital of middle kingdom and old kingdom?

old-memphis middle and new-thebes

What is the Capital of old Kingdom in Egypt?


What was the capital of Israel during the Old Kingdom?

If you are referring to the United Kingdom of Israel, the capital was initially Hebron, where Saul ruled and where David began his reign. David then conquered Jerusalem and established it as his capital and it continued to serve during Solomon's reign and it remained the capital of Judah until its defeat by Babylon. If the "Old Kingdom" refers to the Northern Kingdom of Israel, the capital was Samaria. If the "Old Kingdom" refers to the Old Kingdom Period in Egyptian History, there was no Israelite Kingdom during that time period as the Old Kingdom precedes the Biblical Arrival of the Israelites by nearly 1000 years.

Capital city in egypt?

At present it is Cairo. During the Old Kingdom the capital city was Memphis, during the Middle Kingdom and the New Kingdom it was Thebes.

What city was the capital of Egypt in the old kingdom?


What year was the establishment of the old kingdom with its capital in Memphis?


What was the capital of Egypt in the old kingdom?

The capital of ancient Egypt was first Memphis (during the Old Kingdom), then Thebes (during the Middle and the New Kingdom) until Alexander the Great invaded Egypt. He made Alexandria the capital and it remained Alexandria until the 7th cenutry.

Where was the capital of ancient Egypt moved to at the end of the old kingdom?


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