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They were Upper Egypt and lower Egypt.

Upper Egypt was in the South and Lower Egypt was in the northern Delta.

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Q: What were the two kingdoms of Egypt?
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In 4000 BCE what where the the two kingdoms?

The two kingdoms were the Upper Egypt and the Lower Egypt.

What two kingdoms was Egypt divided in?

Upper and Lower Egypt

What are the names of the two kingdoms in Egypt?

The answer is Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt but this is ancient Egypt

Which kingdom is sometimes separated into two kingdoms?


Which of these two kings is NOT said to have unified the two kingdoms of Egypt?

King Narmer

Who was the first pharoah of Egypt?

The first pharoah of Egypt was Menes, who in about 3100 BCE united the two kingdoms of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt.

When did Egypt came into existence?

Farming communities were formed along the River Nile ca.4000BC. Later two kingdoms were established: Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. In about 3000BC the two kingdoms were united and Egypt became a kingdom under one pharaoh (king).

Who was the first pharoahs and the leader who united the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt?

the first pharaoh that united the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt is Menes (king). He wore a double crown to show that the two kingdoms were together

How did Egypt become united?

King Narmer of Upper Egypt conquered Lower Egypt in 3100 B.C.E.

What are some of Egypt's kingdoms?

One of the Egypt's kingdoms are the middle, new and old kingdom's

What were the two major kingdoms in Egypt?

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How many kingdoms were there in Ancient Egypt?

As Ancient Egypt started, there were two kingdoms. The Upper kingdom was in the south, and the lower kingdom was in the north. When the two kingdoms were united, we get what we call toady Ancient Egypt. Ancient Egypt covered what we know today as Egypt, and part of modern Nubia. Eventually Alexander the Great conquered Egypt for Macedonia, and set the Ptolemy's on the throne. The Macedonian dynasty ended with Cleopatra when Julius Caesar took over Egypt for Rome.

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