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It was in 3000 BC by Mesopotamians.

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Q: When did written history begin?
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When is the Ancient World said to begin?

Ancient history refers to the period from the first written records - around 3600 BCE

Is ancient history unbiased?

Probably not as all history is written from somebody'sview point.

What is the difference between Prehistory in a ancient history?

History comes from an era of writing. Prerhistory from when there was no written record.

What is the importance of written history by Herodotus?

He is important because he set the pace for history to be written with logic and facts; (although some things he wrote people can agree are far fetched) that's why hes called the father of history. Herodotus is considered the father OS history because his history of the Persian War was the first narrative in the form that later came out be considered written history. More importantly, Herodutus was one of the first to disregard that supernatural in his writings. You get this more when you get to Thucydides, but Herodutus, in general, tends to leave out things that are credited to the gods. Or he tries to find a logical explanation for them.

The only completely accurate record of ancient history?

There is no completely accurate record of ancient history. Anywhere. Ever. Anything written by humans will always be subject to human biases. Also, ancient history is a very broad term, and no one book talks about all of ancient history. For parts of "ancient history", humans did not even have complex (key word being complex) spoken language, and certainly not written language.

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