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where did slaves outside of rome come from

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Q: Where did slaves come from in Rome?
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Related questions

Where did the slaves from Rome come from?

Places which Rome conquered.

How did slaves come to rome?

the romans conquered their enemies and took the men as slaves

Where did gladiators come from?

Some were rich and came from Rome. But some of them were slaves from outside of Rome.

How many slaves were there in Rome?

I think there was around 600,000 slaves in ancient Rome.

Where were the slaves in Rome from?

The slaves in Rome were from the different regions, lands, and countries they dominated.

Where did ancient Rome get their slaves?

Abandoned children in Rome were made into slaves, fathers had the right to sell their children as slaves, and slaves were also captured in wars and brought back to Rome to be sold.

In Ancient Rome what jobs did slaves do?

In ancient Rome slaves did many jobs. Some slaves were gladiators, some slaves were house slaves who cooked and cleaned. Some slaves were miners, diggers and a lot of other things that people of Rome did not want to do.

How did the slaves of ancient Rome get to Rome?

Slaves came to ancient Rome through slave traders from Europe and Middle East.

Who were the slaves in rome?

the slaves of Rome were solders captured i war and they did all the dirty and hard work

Where did slaves from outside of rome come from?

Slaves from outside of Rome mainly came from conquered territories. Slave traders would many times follow the army. However some slaves were purchased from allied countries and some exceptional ones were often given as gifts to the Romans by client rulers.

What is Rome's largest class?


Did ancient Rome have slaves?

Yes they did!

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