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Perseus, the hero from Greek Mythology, was born in Argos, Greece.

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Q: Where was Perseus born?
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When was Laurens Perseus Hickok born?

Laurens Perseus Hickok was born in 1798.

In what year was perseus born?

Perseus was one of the heroes of Greek mythology who is credited with killing Medusa. Perseus was born around the time of 1641.

What year was perseus born?

Perseus was born in the year "you can go get raped!" Posiden in the one i would let in my pants!

When was chrysaor born?

When Perseus killed Medusa, Chrysaor was born.

WHEN was perseus born and WHEN did he die?

1641 to 1653

What is the Greek demigod Perseus's last name?

Perseus was said to be born in Argos. So back then surnames were not used. So to answer this I wold say his name is Perseus of Argos.

What symbols are best associated with Perseus?

I wouldn't say that Perseus has any obvious symbols but my guess is that Pegasus is best affiliated with Perseus because Pegasus was born when Medusa was slain by Perseus. Pegasus sprang from Medusa's blood. I gave it a shot :-)

What is the story of Pegasus the Winged Horse?

He was born from a drop of blood that fell from Medusa's neck when Perseus beheaded her, Perseus then flew home on him.

Where did Perseus live?

He was born in Argos but raised in Seriphos.

How was Pegasus born what did he do to Medusa?

When Perseus cut off the head of Medusa Pegasus was born.

Is Perseus the son of Poseidon?

No, Perseus is not the son Poseidon. Perseus was the son of Zeus.

What role does pegasus play in Greek mythology?

When Perseus cut Medusa's head of pegasus was born from the blood tha spilled. He stayed with Perseus for a while after

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