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In Greek mythology, the Titans were the parents of the Gods. Then the gods killed the Titans in a war

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2009-04-18 06:40:03
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Q: Who came first the titans or the gods?
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Where did the greek titans live?

The Titans were the elder gods. They came before the lesser gods, which are the gods of mythology. Two of the most famous Titans were Atlas and Prometheus.

What was the difference between Titans and Olympians?

The Titans were the Olympians Parents (eg Kronus was father of Zues, Posiedon and Hades) so basically they were the first gods of Greece----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------In Greek mythology, the Titans came first, their children became Gods AKA Olympians, so Titans where the first race in Greek mythology and Olympians came second and later took over and ruled over the Titans.

Did the titans rule the gods or the gods rule the titans?

At first, the titans ruled the gods.(gods were son and daughters of kronos, titian king) Then, Zeus overthrew Kronos (Cronus) and the gods ruled.

Who was the giant children of first Gods?


Who is the giant children of first gods?

The titans.

Are the titans the gods of Olympus?

No, the Titans were not the gods of Olympus. The were sort of the generation before them. The Titans were the Elderly Gods.

How can titans annoy gods?

Well, the gods actually overthrew the titans. They then locked up the titans in various places. Basically, the titans were like gods before the gods.

In Greek mythology who were the giant children of the first gods?


Who was more powerful the Gods or Titans?

The gods and titans were equally Strong but the titans would whit stand more than the gods, so technically it would be the titans who are stronger.

What are the Titans from the movie Clash of the Titans?

The Titans are the Gods of Olympus.

What didGaea do from Greek?

Gaea/Gaia = Earth. First creature, mother of all gods, titans etc. Gaea/Gaia = Earth. First creature, mother of all gods, titans etc.

Why are Greek villains Greek gods?

Greek villians are Titans. And titans arent greek gods. THey're TITANS.

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