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Q: Who is the roman god of lightning?
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Who was the Roman god of rain thunder and lightning?

Jupiter is the same as Zeus and he is the god of the sky and lightning

What planet is roman god of thunder and lightning?


Who was the Roman god of electricity?

Jupiter was a god of the thunderbolt/lightning, from which has "electricity" within it.

Roman god of lightning?

Jupiter, he was the king of the gods and was also god of the sky.

How does Jove compare to Thor?

Jove in Roman mythology was the god of thunder and lightning, while Thor in Norse mythology is also the god of thunder and lightning.

What is the roman god for hunderbolts?

Jupiter is the Roman god of thunder and lightning. Just like the Greek god Zeus, Jupiter is also the king of all the gods.

What Roman god made sparks fly?

Vulcan, the blacksmith god. Zeus hurled lightning bolts.

What is the roman god Jupiter's powers.?

i think it is windNope. Same as Zeus's. Sky, lightning bolts, maybe wind, but lightning definitely.

What was jove the god of?

Jove"Jupiter" is the Roman god of the sky, thunder, and lightning and is the king of the gods. His Greek name is Zeus.

Who made Zeus' lightning bolts?

Hephaestus is the god of fire in greek mythology. The Cyclopes, working in Hephaestus' forge, made the lightning bolts. Vulcan is the god of fire in roman mythology!

What is Roman god Jupiter famous for?

He is famous for his THUNDER NOT LIGHTNING bolts and also the god of all gods and goddessess...... :) i hope this is what you were looking for :)

Who is the god of lightning?

In Greek mythology the god Zeus was the lord of lightning and the sky. The Romans hold that Jupiter was the god of lightning and all things of the sky. In the Norse mythology, Thor is associated with lightning. Raijin or Raiden (as featured in the game Mortal Kombat) is the god of lightning and thunder in Japanese mythology. The Mayans held that Spaciouswas the god of lightning, while the Egyptians bowed to Set(Seth) as the god who controlled lightning.Zeus if you're talking Greek mythology and Jupiter if you're talking Roman Mythology. Also, the Vikings believed in Thor.

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