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ancient Egyptian people ;)

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Q: Who painted ancient Egyptian painting?
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When was the harp first made?

The Harp Was Invented Around 3000 BC, The Evidence Of THis Is That The Harp Was Seen Painted In An Ancient Egyptian Painting, ANd Mentioned In 'The Bible'

What do some childrens painting and drawing have in common with ancient Egyptian painting?


Look at this ancient Egyptian painting. What does this painting demonstrate?

a lack of linear perspective

What did Egyptians have painted on their tombs?

Egyptian Pharaohs had what they used to like doing painted on the walls in Hieroglyphics and painting pictures of how the body was mummified.

When did arm wrestling start?

Arm wrestling first began in ancient Egypt. A painting depicting arm wrestling was found in an Egyptian tomb that was painted sometime around 2,000 BC.

What has the author Abdel Ghaffar Shedid written?

Abdel Ghaffar Shedid has written: 'The tomb of Nakht' -- subject(s): Ancient Mural painting and decoration, Egyptian Mural painting and decoration, Mural painting and decoration, Ancient, Mural painting and decoration, Egyptian, Tomb

What do some children's painting and drawings in common with ancient Egyptian painting?

The draw objects are not placed realistically on the cancas.

Look at this ancient Egyptian painting what does this painting demonstrate?

A lack of liner prespective. (Apex)

When was the painting The Ambassadors painted?

The painting The Ambassadors was painted in 1533.

The dipylon amphora painted with primitive human figures is typical of what era in greek vase painting?

It is typical of the ancient Greek Painting and art.

What has the author Gay Robins written?

Gay Robins has written: 'Reflections of women in the New Kingdom' 'Proportion and style in ancient Egyptian art' -- subject(s): Ancient Art, Art, Ancient, Art, Egyptian, Composition (Art), Egyptian Art, Proportion (Art) 'Beyond the Pyramids' 'Egyptian Statues (Shire Egyptology)' 'Egyptian painting and relief' -- subject(s): Ancient Art, Art, Ancient, Art, Egyptian, Egyptian Art

What year was the painting tools by karla horst painted?

what year was the painting painted

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