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Andromeda was the daughter of Cassiopea, the queen. As a punishment for her mother's bragging, Andromeda was chained to a rock as a sacrifice for whatever sea creature would come along and eat her. She was rescued from this predicament by Perseus, who later became her husband. Andromeda, Perseus and Cassiopea were all memorialized by the Greeks in constellations in the northern hemisphere skies.

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Q: Who was Andromeda in Greek Mythology?
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Which Galaxy's namesake was hunted by the Craken in Greek mythology?


Who was Andromeda's family in Greek mythology?

Andromeda was the daughter of Cepheus and Cassiopeia, king and queen of the kingdom Aethiopia.

In Greek mythology was rescued from the sea monster?

Andromeda was rescued from Perseus.

Who was rescued in greek mythology by perseus?

Andromeda, a beautiful Ethiopian princess.

In Greek mythology who was rescued from a sea monster by Perseus?

The Ethiopian Princess Andromeda.

Who was rescued from the sea monster by perseus in greek mythology?

Some say he saved Princess Andromeda from the Kraken

How many stars does the Andromeda constellation have?

The Andromeda constellation was named for Andromeda who was the daughter of Cassiopeia in Greek mythology. It is composed of 16 main stars and 65 Bayer/Flamsteed stars.

According to legend the Constellation Andromeda is named after a princess from what country?

The mythological kingdom Ethiopia in Greek mythology.

How old was Andromeda when she passed away?

Since Greek mythology doesn't put dates, nobody knows.

What quality greek goddess cassandra?

In Greek mythology, Cassandra was not a goddess. She was a queen who sacrificed her daughter, Andromeda, to Poseidon. Just before the Kraken ate her, Jason swooped in, killed the beast, and rescued Andromeda.

What is the Greek name for Andromeda?

Andromeda IS the Greek name.

Can a hero be a coward in greek mythology?

Yes, if they are stupid enough. Andromeda was stupid enough to get herself chained to a rock, and had to be saved by Perseus.

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