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Nemesis was the greek goddess of vengeance, and she was attended by Poena, the goddess of punishment, sometimes called Poine. She governed retribution, vengeance, recompense, punishment and penalies for crimes such as murder.
Nemesis was goddess of retribution against or for good fortune. Tyche (luck/fortune) was a companion of hers.

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Q: Who was the Greek goddess of retribution?
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WHO WAS Greek goddes of retribution and vengance?

The Greek goddess of retribution and vengance was Nemesis. Her Roman name is possibly Invidia.

Greek goddess of divine retribution and vengeance?


Is the greek goddess of retribution Nemies or Nemeses?

Her correct name was Nemesis

Who was Greek goddess of divine punishment?

In Greek mythology, Nemesis was known as the goddess of divine retribution. She was served by Poine, a spirit of punishment.

Who was the God of retribution?

Nemesis was the Goddess of retribution

What does nemisis mean?

it means your enimie your foa your vilin also nemesis is the greek goddess of retribution and those of you who dont know how to use a thesaurus, retribution means revenge bassicaly

What is the name of the greek goddess of retribution and vengeance?

Nemesis Poena Alastor (a god) The Erinyes (Furies: Tisiphone, Alecto, and Megaera.)

What does revenge have to do with greek mythology?

It's cause and effect, the bread and butter if you will of Greek mythology. Vengence, as an ideal, was so important to the Greeks that they personified the concept in Nemesis, goddess of retribution.

What goddess was sekhmet?

Sekhmet was the ancient Egpytian goddess of divine retribution, vengeance, and conquest.

Who is the goddess of war with a face of a lion?

Sekhmet the goddess of divine retribution, vengeance, and conquest.

Who was Nemesis in Greek mythology?

In Greek mythology, Nemesis, (also called Rhamnousia/Rhamnusia) was the spirit of retribution against those who display arrogance before the gods. She was the goddess of retribution for evil deeds and undeserved good fortune. She maintained equilibrium. Her name basically means, "Who distributes."

What is the goddess of revenge's name?

Nemesis is the goddess of revenge. I think. More correctly, the goddess of retribution, which amounts to practically the same thing.

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