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i come from Egypt and i know that there were many kings of lower Egypt through the ages

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2011-09-13 21:15:42
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Q: Who was the King of Lower Egypt?
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Did king Menes fight for lower Egypt?

King Menes did fight for Lower Egypt. He is the one who unified and ruled Upper and Lower Egypt.

Who was the first king of upper and lower Egypt?

Menes is the King who united Upper and Lower Egypt.

Who united the upper and lower Egypt?

King Menes united upper and lower Egypt

Who owned Lower Egypt when King Menes united Egypt?

King Menes

How did king narmer become pharaoh?

he united upper and lower Egypt. He was king of upper Egypt and ten he rebelled against lower Egypt and won.

Name the king who united upper Egypt and lower Egypt and 3100bc?

In c.3200 B.C. King Narmer united upper and lower Egypt

Why were the crowns of upper and lower Egypt combined?

The crowns of upper and lower Egypt were combined because King Menes combinded upper and lower Egypt. He decidd to combine upper and lower Egypt and the crowns.

What Egyptian king united the upper and lower Egypt?

King Narmer of Upper Egypt united Lower Egypt with his kingdom in approximately 3100 BC BCE.

How was Egypt unified?

Egypt was unified by the to king of lower Egypt and lower Egypt united there hats together to make a double hat.

What date did King Menes unites Upper and Lower Egypt?

King Menes united Upper and Lower Egypt in 3100 B.C.

Was king narmer of archaic Egypt a king of lower Egypt who conquered upper Egypt to unify Egypt or was he a king of upper Egypt who conquered lower Egypt about 3000 bce?

King Menes is credited with the unification of Egypt, as the first pharaoh. King Narmer is considered by some to be the unifier of Egypt and founder of the First Dynasty, and therefore the first pharaoh of Unified Egypt.

Where did king narmer rule in Egypt?

king Narmer ruled both lower and upper egypt

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