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Strong leadership , like Persians.

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2008-01-16 04:02:38
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Q: Why did Ancient Egypt last so long?
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Did Incas in ancient Egypt make mummies?

The Incas were in the Americas, not in ancient Egypt. So no, the Incas never made mummies in ancient Egypt. The Egyptians did.

Was there theater in ancient Egypt?

No, the ancient GREEKS did it, then the Romans copied, and so on and so on...

How ancient is Egypt?

The Ancient Egyptian Era started bout 3200-3150 BC. So Egypt is ancient for about 5000 years.

Why was pottery so expensive in ancient Egypt?

pottery in ancient egypt was painstakingly handcrafted, and so potters charged a lot for each one.

What is so amazing about Egypt?

The ancient pyramids

What is cool about ancient Egypt?

the most amazing thing about ancient egypt was the pyramids. they have no idea how they made it so presice

How was ancient Egypt destroyed?

Ancient Egypt ended when it was captured by the Greeks, and Ptolemy was on the throne(well, this was when the last Egyptian pharaoh was gone, so it was the end of Egypt being ruled by Egyptians). In the mind of most people, however, Ancient Egypt ended when Cleopatra vii committed suicide( or died, there is no actual records of her killing herself). This happened in 30BC. The Romans were then in control of Egypt.

Where there deer in ancient Egypt?

Deer migrated to Egypt in the yes, there were deer in Egypt

What purposes did temples serve in Egypt?

The purpose of the temples in ancient Egypt was to worship various gods and goddesses. Many of the temples were constructed using stone so they would last.

Who had the most power in ancient Egypt?

The pharaoh had the most power in ancient Egypt. He was like a king, so he ruled Egypt. Hope this answers your question!

Who was allowed to vote in ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egypt was ruled by a king and his council. It was not a democracy so people were not invited to vote.

In Ancient Egypt was there metal in the ground so they could make tools?

Ancient Egypt traded for bronze (with Nubia); it did not mine it.

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