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Hammurabi wrote the Code Of Hammurabi to make fairness for the empire

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Q: Why did Hammurabi make the code of Hammurabi?
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When did Hammurabi make the code of Hammurabi?

1772 BC.

What did the ruller hammurabi make create?

The ruler of Hammurabi created the Hammurabi code. The code was created to protect justice and peace in the country.

What was the philosophy of Hammurabi's code?

code of hammurabi

Who was Hammurabi and what did he?

the hammurabi code

What type of legal system did Hammurabi set up Code Of Hammurabi?

Code Of Hammurabi

Where did Hammurabi make the code of laws?

Hammurabi Was the first to create the laws. he created them in Mesopotamia, which is currently in Iraq.

What did the Babylonian make?

they made the code of Hammurabi and the amazing trade

How did the code of Hammurabi make it possible for the Babylonians to live together?

Hammurabi developed the Code of Laws in tribute to the Gods. Hammurabi believed that he was the favorite Babylonian. This is why the Gods made him King of Babylon. To tribute the Gods the Code was made.

What was the code of Hammurabi and why was it so important?

The code of Hammurabi is a code of law (just a bunch of laws). It was important because Hammurabi wanted peace and justice in his kingdom, so he created these rules. The Hammurabi's code was the first legal document of laws and it also helped make a system of writing (cuneiform).

Who developed the law code of Babylon?

Hammurabi "The Code of Hammurabi"

Which came first the napoleonic code or the code of Hammurabi?


Why on the code of Hammurabi is Hammurabi being handed the code of hammarabi?

It was his code he was the author.

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