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If we didn't record history we wouldn't know anything about history. People would just make up history.

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Q: Why do you think record keeping and writing are necessary characteristics of civilizations?
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What were some characteristics of the Nubian civilizations?


Cities governments religion social structure writing and art are?

Six characteristics of civilizations

Why might record keeping and writing emerge as civilizations developed?

So merchants could keep track of transactions

What Maya Aztec and Inca civilizations each developed?

Mayan, Incan and Aztec civilizations each developed calenders, mathematics, writing and other record keeping systems.

What do the five characteristics of civilizations develop into?

Growth of cities, specialized workers, complex institutions, writing and advanced technology.

What is a list of the six basic characteristics of civilizations?

There are six basic characteristics of civilization. These include cities, organized government, art, religion, class divisions, as well as a writing system.

What factors influence the development of an early civilization?

Civilizations have five characterisitics: -advanced cities -specialized workers -complex insitutions -record keeping and writing -advanced technology

What was the writing in Mesopotamia?

Cuneiform script is the writing method of the mesopotamian civilizations

Name the 6 factors needed for a civilization?

Civilizations have six characterisitics: -advanced cities -specialized workers -complex insitutions -record keeping - writing -advanced technology by the official Oyster;)

Writing from which of these civilizations are included in latin literature?


What forms of writing exsisited in the early civilizations?


Why did early civilizations develop of writing?

because they wanted to

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