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There are many reasons why people resort to burning books. People usually burn books if they want to make sure they get destroyed.

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2014-06-27 21:23:32
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Q: Why people resort burning books?
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Who said this- people burning books will burn people as well?

The quote is: 'Where they start by burning books, they ultimately burn people'. It is taken from a play by Heinrich Heine (1797-1856).

What was burning in Fahrenheit 451?

they were burning books because books weren't allowed studying it in school ;)

Is the burning of the books constitutional or unconstitutional in Fahrenheit 451?

Burning books is constitutional in Fahrenheit 451.

What is the job of a librarian aid?

Librarian aids help check books out and resort and reshelve the books. It's ok for short amounts of time. Librarian aids help check books out and resort and reshelve the books. It's ok for short amounts of time.

What books did they burn in the burning of the books?

Any books not agreeing with what they believed in even if it was irrelevant to their cause.

What was Montag doing at the beginning of the novel?

He was burning books along with the house that has the books

What is burning of books?

Its the destruction of books. An example is when Nazis in Germany burned books because the book view Jewish people in a positive way instead of negative. Another example is when Christians burned books to show their loyalty to God.

How did the idea of communism grow?

Propaganda through newspapers, radios, tvs, posters and through people threatening other people, burning books (WW2)

What kind of king was Oedipus?

he was one that liked cheese and enjoyed executing people by shoving books into their ears and burning trees

Is it possible to extinguish ideas by burning books?

NO you cannot destroy the process of conjuring up the imagery or planting seeds of imagination that develop into ideas by burning books.

Who was responsible for the burning of the Mayan books?

Micheal Jackson

Can you burn books?

Yes you can, but I would not recommend it. It is a highly controversial thing to do, especially if you are burning a religious book. People like Adolph Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan burned books.

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