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futurists A+

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This type of balance features unlike objects on either side of an imaginary line

This principle of design is concerned with placing elements of art in equalizing visual coherency

Nine is the complementary color to one

This is created by repeating positive shapes in space surrounded by negative areas of space

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Q: This group of artists were concerned with the actual movement of artwork in space?
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There is an artist whose name sounds like 'jack ametti' what is his actual name?

His name is Alberto Giacometti, Swiss sculptor, 1901-1966.

What famous art works did Roy Lichtenstein create in his whole life?

Crying Girl, Drowning Girl, Brushstroke with Spatter, Preparedness, House I (sculpture), In the Car, Big Modern Painting [actual title], and Blam are among his most famous works.

What is goyas style in the family of Carlos IV painting?

It's called do your own homework. Ya that's right I go 2 ORCA 2 :) thats rude but the actual answer is well idk maybe thee person who originally answered this knows the answer. :P

Was grant wood ever married?

I have just returned from a visit to the actual house from American Gothic in Eldon, IA. There's a small museum there dedicated to the painting and the house. The exhibit claims that he WAS married briefly to a woman named Sue Maxon? That is all that was mentioned on the marriage, however.

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This group of artists were concerned with the actual movement of artwork in space not just the appearance or sensation of movement?


This group of artists were concerned with the actual movement of artwork in space not just the appearance or sensation of movement.?


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