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adversarial system

a system of justice in which two parties argue against each other in the presence of a judge and , sometimes , a jury.

affirmative action

a policy or program that provides opportunities for traditionally disadvantaged groups to help them overcome the effects of discrimination

ACA affordable care act

ACA a 2010 act signed by Barack Obama , commonly known as "obamacare" . this law expanded public and private health insurance , mandated that most uninsured individuals received coverage , and provided funds to reduce healthcare costs .

Alexander Hamilton

( 1755 - 1804 ) an american politician who supported a strong central government . he was the first secretary of the treasury .


alterations to the constitution of a nation or state . the U.S constitution has been amended 27 times.

americans with disabilities act

an act protecting people with disabilities from discrimination in employment and public service


a total lack of government

anti - federalist papers

a series of writings produced by anti - federalists that criticized the U.S constitution during the debates over its ratification.

anti - federalists

a group of people who opposed the creation of a stronger national government and later opposed the ratification of the U.S constitution.


the legal process through which a party that has lost a court case asks a higher court to review the decision .

appellate courts

courts that hear appeals on points of law decided by lower courts.

appellate jurisdiction

the authority of a court to review legal decisions made by a lower court.


controversial ; not automatically assumed by reasonable people.


the main part of the U.S constitution . article one (1) covers the legislative branch. article two (2) the executive branch . and article three (3) the judicial branch ; articles four (4) through seven (7) cover the equal powers of the states , the creation of the amendments, general provisions , and the ratification process.

articles of confederation

the plan of government for the united states during the revolutionary war and for several years after the war ; it was replaced by the constitution.

authoritarian governmentΒ 

a government controlled by a individual or small group with absolute political power . there are no restrictions on the rulers or rulers' power.


Β in government , power that is recognized as legitimate.

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