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they made lots of bread

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Q: What did bakers make in the middle ages?
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How did bakers make bread in the Middle Ages?

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What were the jobs of a serf in the Middle Ages?

the jobs of a serf in the middle ages are craftsmen,bakers,farmers,and tax collecters.

What kind of sweets did the bakers make in the middle ages?

The bakers had cakes and pies, but they were not made with sugar but honey. Refined sugar won't be around for hundreds of years.

What did bakers do in the Medieval Times?

Bakers in Medieval times baked things, mostly bread. Bakers were very important because they provided a major food of the middle ages.

What is the history of baking during the middle ages?

The history of baking in the middle ages started with mothers and daughters then became a profession with rules and a paycheck, in the middle ages Bakers could also be millers.Hope this helps anyone

What kind of jobs did people have in the middle ages?

blacksmith, preist, bakers, knight and grocerys. many more

Who were the first bakers?

During the middle ages each landlord would have a common oven and housewives would make their own dough and bring it to the baker to be baked. It became a practice that bakers would steal a portion of the dough and bake it and sell it for his own purposes.

What were the working conditions for bakers in the middle ages?

the work was hard, the hours were terrable, and the laws they had to follow wre numerous and constantly changing.

What clothing did bakers in the middle ages wear?

They wore an apron, tunic, worn out pants, and some kind of long sleeve shirt.

What Class would medieval ages bakers be?

a peasent

How did they make goblets in the middle ages?

a poo

What did craftworkers make in the Middle Ages?


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