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I believe that the French term for the Middle Ages is, "Le Moyen Âge."

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Q: What do the French call the time period of the middle ages?
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What do they call the period of history between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the modern world?

This period is called the Middle Ages, a period of little scholastic advancement in Europe that leads to its other name, the Dark Ages.

What did you call the men of the middle ages of chemistry?

Chemists of the Middle Ages were called alchemists.

What was another name for medieval times?

The medieval period is also called the Middle Ages, and some still call it the Dark Ages, thought that terms is out of favor with historians

What age came after the dark ages?

The Renaissance time period came after the Dark Ages. ----- It seems most people who use the term Dark Ages are talking about the Early Middle Ages, which is a period from about 450 AD to 1000 AD. They call the following period the Middle Ages. Some people would have the Dark Ages coincide with the Age of Migration, from about 300 to 700, and this would mean it was followed by the second half of the Early Middle Ages, which began with a time called the Carolingian Renaissance. Other people would have the Dark Ages be equal to the entire Middle Ages, so it would be followed by the European Renaissance. I think most historians do not use the term Dark Ages.

What centuries was the medieval period?

Most historians put the Middle Ages in the 5th through 15th centuries. Some historians call the first part of this the Dark Ages, and put the Middle Ages in the 11th through 15th centuries. This usage is probably declining.

What do you call churches built in the middle ages?


Why do historians call the renaissance a bridge between the Middle Ages and modern times?

They found artwork from that time period which shows them more ideas on what happened.

What did the people in the middle ages call the black death?

the plauge!

What did people call breakfast in middle ages?

oats and ale

What are the names and dates of the two periods that make up the Middle Ages?

The answer to this question depends more on where you are than anything else. Different historians give different ages and dates. The dates vary quite a lot, with the beginning of the Middle Ages variously given as 476, 500, 517 or some other date, usually in the 5th century. There is typically a date of 1000 or 1066 used as the middle, and the end in 1453, 1492, or some such. In the United States, the older histories call the period from 476 to 1000 the Dark Ages, and the period from 1000 to 1453 the Middle Ages. British historians may still use these dates. Later historians call the time from 476 to 1000 the Early Middle Ages, with the dates 1000 to 1300 being the High Middle Ages, and from 1300 to 1453 the Late Middle Ages. But we should remember that the experience of different countries is reflected in their dates and nomenclature. I have read that in Finland, the period of 1000 to 1453 is the Middle Ages, but the period before 1000 is called prehistory, because there are very few records of anything from before 1000 in Finland. There is a link below.

What do you call a code of conduct adopted by knights in the middle ages?


What people call large feudal estates of the Middle Ages?


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