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the VLN initiation is 21 full open chest blows for the female and male members. the chief is mainly the member who does the initiation process


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2011-09-15 11:22:30
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Q: What is the vice lords initiation?
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How many seconds is a vice Lords initiation?

there is no answer to your question, I didn't think they had an "initiation" I thought it was more of a club and less of a cult

What is the vice lords initia?

U mean what's the Vice Lords initiation? sounds like ur tryna get into the Vice Lords gang u wanting to know how to get initiated and what not(nothing wrong with being in a gang), but if u wanna be a Vice Lord why not hit the streets and ask around for some Vice Lords(Seriously) and get put onto a set.

How do you get in vice lords?

Get to know someone who is a member of the Vice Lords and get recruited.

Who started first gangster disciples or vice lords?

The Vice Lords started in 1958 & the Gangster Disciples started in the 1960' VICE LORDS started first......

What is the vice lords saying?

''All Is Well'' is a term that Vice Lords use with one another.

What color do vice lords wear?

The Vice Lords gang wears the colors red, black & gold.

Is vice lords are with bloods?

vice lords are coast to coast family with bloods ....we all red raging it

Are the vice lords a gemeinschaft community why or why not?

The Almighty Vice Lords are a Nation within a nation which is called the People Nation.

Are vice lords in Dallas?


Is twister really a vice lord?

Yes, rapper Twista is affiliated with the 4 Corner Hustler Vice Lords gang.

Are Latin Counts first cousins with Vice Lords?

Yes, the Latin Counts gang is first cousins with the Vice Lords gang.

Is crucial confict vice lords?


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