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The middle ages are not called the medieval ages. The word medieval is an adjective that means "related to the middle ages."

Sometimes we used "medieval period" as the same as "middle ages."

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2014-06-30 02:51:27
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Q: Why is the middle ages called the medieval ages?
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Related questions

What word means 'relating to the middle ages'?

Middle ages things and times are called Medieval.

What is the middle ages called?

The 'middle ages' is also known as the 'medieval period'.

What is a person who belonged to the Middle Ages called?

A person who lived in the Middle Ages is called medieval.

Are the Middle Ages same as Medieval Ages?

Yes. The Middle Ages and the medieval times were the same.

What other names are there for medieval times?

Medieval times are also called the middle ages.

What is a tower in medieval times?

a tower in the middle ages is called a castle

Why are medieval castles called medieval?

The name of the castle as "medieval" places it in the time it was built. The Middle Ages is a time in history that covers a 1000 years of time and when a historian states that something is medieval or in the middle ages it places it on the timeline.

What is difference between middle ages and medieval times?

They were the same thing. Medieval means of the Middle Ages.

Why is medieval medieval?

Medieval is medieval because it is Latin for "the middle ages".

Why is the Middle Ages also known as the Medieval Ages?

The word medieval comes from Latin, medium aevum, which means middle ages.

Why is it called the Medieval Times?

It is Latin (medi + aevum) for Middle Ages. It has been called the Dark Ages but that term is falling out of favor. The Medieval period ends, I believe, around the time of the Enlightenment. The Middle Ages lasted from about AD 350 to 1450.

Belonging to having to do with the Middle Ages?

medieval medieval

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