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The British were call redcoats, lobsterbacks, regulars and bloodybacks

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Q: British soldiers in the revolutionary war were called?
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What were the German soldiers that fought with the British in the Revolutionary War called?

They were called Hessians.

Were the union soldiers or conferate soldiers ever called the redcoats?

No, that was in the Revolutionary War where the British were called Redcoats.

How many British soldiers were wounded in the Revolutionary War?

It is estimated that there were about 24,000 British soldiers were wounded in the Revolutionary War. The American who were wounded were about 8,445.

What were American soldiers called American Revolutionary War?

continentals by the british. the army by americans.

What were the German troops called in the Revolutionary War?

German soldiers who were hired to fight for the British were called the Hessians.

What were the soldiers called that Britain paid to fight in the American revolution?

The German soldiers that were paid by the British to fight in the Revolutionary War were called "Hessians".

What kind of soldiers fought in The Revolutionary War?

British and Americans mainly, but the British also got the German on their side ( the German soldiers were called Hessans)

What was another name for the men who fought in the British army?

In the revolutionary war, soldiers of the British Army were called Red-Coats.

What did British lose after the Revolutionary War?

they lost some of their soldiers.

How many British soldiers did George Washington kill in American Revolutionary War?

He killed about 8,500 British soldiers

How many weapons did the british soldiers use in the revolutionary war?

a lot

Why did the british fight in the Revolutionary War?

because the colonists didn't have soldiers

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