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Q: Countries Australia fought in world war 1?
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Where was the World War 1 in Australia?

World War 1 was not fought in Australia. It was fought mostly in Europe.

What other countries fought in world war1?

hi kurtis Australia did you no they road kangeroos into the war?

Were Australia part of the Allied Forces?

In World War I Australia fought with other countries but in World War II they were not part of the Allied Forces that conquered the Axis Forces.

How did World War 2 impact on people lives in Australia?

World War 2 has made an signifinent impact to Australia. The people of Australia that fought in World War 2 has changed lives of australian's and has made a difference of the world. It has cause less war between countries and has shown countries how horrible war is.

What countries did Australia fight against in World War Two?

all of the axsis countries,the ANZACS fought in all thearters of ww2

What countries fought against Germany and Australia-Hungary during world war 1?

Many countries declared war, but here are some countries that fought. America, Russia, Britain, France, Italy, and a few more.

Which countries did New zealand fight with in world war 2?

New Zealand was part of the Allies in World War 2, so it fought with countries like Britain, US and Australia.

Who fought against Japan in World War II?

A great many countries, including the U.S., Australia, China and Russia.

What countries was World War 1 fought in?

Like anybody cares what countries world war1 was fought am I right?

What were the two countries that fought in world war 1?

The two countries that fought in World War I were Germany and England and when that war ended was November 11,1918. That is when Veterans Day is today.

Was countries fought in world war 1?


Countries fought in World War 1?


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