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No - none at all. Russia was defeated by Germany in 1917-18.

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Q: Did Russia gain territory from Germany in World War 1?
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From which three countries did Poland gain territory?

Russia, Austria-Hungary, and Germany

Did Russia gain territory from Germany in World War 2?

Yes. As a matter of fact they gained the whole of eastern Europe.

How did the US gain Alaska as a territory?

It purchased it from Russia.

How did America Gain control of the territory Alaska?

They purchased it from Russia in 1867.

What rivalry caused tension that led to world war 1?

A: Japan and Russia both claimed the same territory in northern Asia B: Britain, France, and Germany competed for colonies in Africa and Asia C: Germany feared the rise of communism in Russia and France D: Britain and Germany each wanted to gain control of France.

What Germany and Japan each hoped to gain by going to World War 2?

Germany planned to rule Europe (and then Russia). Japan planned to rule Asia (and then the Pacific).

What happened in Russia and Germany when the Communist party took over?

they gain independents

How did Russia gain more territory and become an empire?

Catherine the Great set out to expand Russia and take lands in the name of Russia. Russia is so big that it has 7 time zones.

Did France gain or lose territory in World War 2?

Neither lose nor gain.

How did the U.S. gain control of Alaska?

It handed Russia a check for 7.2 million dollars and Russia cashed the check. or they found Alaska before russia and then it was considered our territory find on wikiped

Did romania gain or lose territory in world war 1?


Where did Romania gain its territory from in World War 1?

ustria hungary

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