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There is a good relationship today; US tourists go to Vietnam, and Vietnam markets it's trade goods to the US.

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Q: How did the Vietnam war effect the relationship between the US and Vietnam?
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What is the relationship between the cold war and the Vietnam war?

Vietnam was a "hot" battle of the cold war.

What was the relationship between south Vietnam and America before the war?


How did the V Vietnam war effect the vietnamese?

How did the Vietnam war effect the Vietnamese

Explain how the Vietnam war has affected Vietnamese and Australian society?

Relationships between Australia and Vietnam are generally along the same lines as the relationship between the US and Vietnam.

What was the Australian and United States relationship before the Vietnam War?

The relationship was good before, during, and after the Vietnam War.

Who won the Vietnam war between US and Vietnam?

the war between Vietnam and the USA the winner was Vietnam

What was the effect of the Gulf of Tonkin incident?

The result was open warfare between the US & North Vietnam, or it led to an expanded war in Vietnam.

How did the Vietnam war effect Vietnam?

They learned alot about military science.

What was the effect of the Vietnam War?

North won

What effect does the Vietnam war have on morrie's department at brandeis university during the 1960s?

The effect that the Vietnam war had on Morrie's department at Brandeis university during the 1960s was the Vietnam Protest.

The Vietnam War was between the Vietnam and the who?

Technically between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Actually between the US and North Vietnam.

What was the cause and effect of the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam War was caused by the rise of a Communist government in south Asia. The effect was millions of American soldier deaths.

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