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The roman army marched 25 miles a day.

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Q: How long did the roman army march every day?
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How long did Roman citizens have to serve in the Roman army?

25 years

Did the Roman Army fight in The Battle of Hastings?

No. The Roman Army had ceased to exist long before the Battle of Hastings.

Who went on the long march?

red army

How long did the roman army go on for?

The Roman Army existed for as long as the Republic/Empire so traditionally from 753BC until the Fall of Rome in AD476.

Do the roman army have any break?

As no Roman army exists you could say they are having a very long break presently

How long did the roman army train for a day?


What did the Peoples Liberation Army do in 1934?

began its Long March

What features did a Roman have to have to join the Roman Army?

One of the reasons why the Roman army was so successful was because they only chose the best men. The type of men that the Roman army selected had to be fit. They had to have long fingers and a letter of recommendation. This helped the Roman army as most of the men were the best of the best. had to be a minimum 0f 18

How long did the roman soldiers train every day?

every day !

How did the roman army win every battle?

The Roman army did not win every battle. They had many defeats. However they usually won the war. This was because of their methods of fighting and their ability to raise new troops. They also had a determination. When they set their sights on a victory, they kept coming back at the enemy until they won, no matter how long it took.

How long did the romes match for?

If you mean march, Roman soldiers had to march at an ordinary pace of 20 Roman miles a day and at a fast military pace of 24 Roman miles.

Who led the people's Liberation Army on the Long March?

the answer is Mao Zedong

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