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It's to be estimated that about 8 million Germans died during WW2. That's about 11% of the entire German Population. Out of all of those deaths, about 5 million were Military and 3 million were civilian deaths.

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Q: How many Germans were killed during World War 2?
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How many Germans were killed in Germany during World War 1?

about 9 million German soldiers were killed

How many Jews and non Jews was killed by the Germans during World War 2?

it has been estimated that Nazi forces killed 60 million people

How many Czechoslovakians were killed in World War 2 by the Germans?

A lot

How many people did Germany lose in World War 2?

It's to be estimated that aout 11 Million Germans were killed during World War 2

How many Germans were killed by Poles in World War 2?

i donnt non

How many Germans died in World War 1?

2,036,897 soldiers will killed in World War One.

How many soldiers were killed during D-Day?

about 19,000 were killed in all the allies lost about 10,000 and the Germans lost about 9,000

How many people were killed by the Germans?

1.5 children were murdered by German Soldiers and their collaborators during the holocaust.

What was used to kill six million Jews during world war 2?

Jews were sent to death camps where diseases spread and many germans killed jews there.

How many germans died on D Day?

During D-Day, The Germans suffered 9,000 Casualties. Out of the 9,000 it is estimated that around 7,500 were German Soldiers that were killed during D-Day.

Were the Germans ever on the beach during World War 2 on D-Day?

Yes, the Germans were heavily emplaced at every one of the landing beaches. They killed and wounded many thousands of the invading Allied troops right on the beaches.

How did the germans treat the jews during world war 2?

The Nazis were extremely cruel and tried to kill as many Jews as possible. They killed millions of them in terrible concentration camps

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