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As i know it was the whole of Poland went through to Belgium and went up to France which is a lot but Poland was the country that was mainly destroyed so if you count the cities of whole of Poland, Belgium and East France there will be you'r answer

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Q: How many cities were destroyed in World War 2?
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How many German cities were destroyed in World War 2?

all big and small German cities destroyed in ww2.

What 2 cities were destroyed in World War 2?

There were many cities that were destroyed. If you mean the two Japanese cities that were bombed by the U.S., then it would be Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What Spanish cities destroyed in world war 2?

Spain was officially neutral World War II - none of its cities were destroyed during that conflict.

How many cities were destroyed in the Civil War?

Which civil war? There have been civil wars all over the world.

How many cities were destroyed during the Holocaust?

It seems that you are confusing the holocaust with World War 2.

How many German cities were destroyed during World War 1?

Germany never really had any cities destroyed in Word War I. All of the major fighting and destruction was on the Western front of Belgium and northern France. On the other hand, during World War II, every major city was destroyed.

Cities and countries destroyed in World War 1?

There were no French cities destroy, but there were nine villages destroyed. Three of which have been rebuilt and the other six have been preserved. Germany also didn't have any real cities destroyed from fighting.There were no real countries destroyed,instead they were separated into individual ruling countries.For more specific information on World War I, see: world-war-i

What German cities were destroyed in World War 2?

Dresden Half of Berlin

Reason for lack of housing in Europe after 1945?

many cities were bombed and partially destroyed during the 2nd world war.

How many planes were destroyed in World War 2?

1,750 were destroyed

What cities were destroyed during American Civil War?

Many towns and cities were destroyed during the American Civil War, in addition to countless homes and farms. The two largest and most famous example of cities that were destroyed are Atlanta, Georgia and Columbia, South Carolina.

How was the world after World War 1?

The world was in destruction when the World War 1 ended. The world was on the edge of devastation as its food supplies were running low and the cities were destroyed.

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