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A Zeppelin could carry up to 2000lb of bombs and had five machine guns.

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Q: How many pounds of bombs could a Zeppelin carry in 1914?
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How many bombs could one plane carry?

The number of bombs that one plane can carry depends on the plane and the size of the bombs. During WW2, the B-29 Superfortress could carry 20,000 pounds of bombs or approximately 5 to 15 bombs.

What is the payload of a b-52?

The H model could carry almost 74,000 pounds of bombs.

How many bombs can the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress hold?

the flying fortress could hold up to 6 bombs On shorter missions, it could carry 8000 pounds of bombs, on longer missions 4500 pounds, and in emergency conditions, 17,600 pounds.

How many bombs could the zeppelin hold?

Up to 2000lbs. And 5 machine guns.

How much could a b-52 bomber carry?

B-52 carries on HSABs (each HSAB= 2000 lbs). External Load=18 Bombs Total = 45 Bombs. The B-52H will carry about 76,000 pounds of armaments and 310,000 pounds of fuel.

How many bombs were on the B-26 Marauder?

The B-26 could carry a total of 6,000 pounds of assorted bombs. Bombs then in service with it weighed from 50 to 250 pounds. According to my father, who worked on them, they seldom carried more than 3.500 pounds as the ammunition load was very heavy in this aircraft.

Why was the invention of the zeppelin important?

In peaceable and military aviation, the zeppelin was an important step forward. In the early 1900's, airplanes were powered box kites which could carry a pilot and maybe one passenger (or observer for military purposes). Zeppelins could carry more passengers, or bombs. They could also fly higher and for longer distances, and they were less affected by weather. Unfortunately for the zeppelin, technology allowed the airplane to surpass it in the 1930's, and zeppelins have not been seen again.

How heavy were the bombs carried by zeppelins?

These ships could carry 2,000 kg of bombs in total.

How many bombs could a B-29 carry?


How many 500 lb bombs can a b52 deliver?

Late models of the B-52 could carry 120 of the 500 pound bombs.

What weapons can the F-4 Phantom carry?

The Phantom can carry a number of weapons. Early versions could carry the Falcon air to air missle. Later versions such as the C model could carry the sidewinder and Sparrow missles. it could also carry MK82 dumb bombs and when configurered for it, could also deliver laser guided bombs. In the G or wild weasel configuration, it could also carry the HARM missle to take out enemy radar and missle installations.

Why was the zeppelin needed?

Heavier-than-air technology had not yet progressed enough for airplanes to travel long distances by air with heavy weight (cargo, passengers.....and in war, bombs). As the 1920's approached this situation was changing rapidly, with more powerful engines and stronger airframes, but the zeppelin could still stay in the air longer and carry more weight than an airplane into the 1930's.

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