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Q: How many union soldiers in civil war?
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How Many Soldiers Fought for The Union in the civil war?

there were about 2.1 million soldiers in the union

Who had the most soldiers in the Civil War?

Union had more soldiers in the war.

How many union soldiers were killed durin the American civil war?

During the American Civil War, 365,000 Union soldiers were killed. Another 275,200 Union soldiers were wounded or fell ill during the war.

How many union soldiers died in civil war?


How many soldiers did the union have during the civil war?


How many Union soldiers in the American Civil War died from disease?

The number of Union soldiers that died from disease during the American Civil War is 250,152.

How many are in Civil War?

I you mean soldiers: Confederacy - 1,064,000 soldiers Union - 2,200,000 soldiers

How many soldiers were in the Union during the course of the US Civil War?

During the course of the US Civil War, the Union, at one time or another had over one million soldiers in the US Civil War.

How many Union soldiers died from gun shots in the Civil War?

Around 200,000 soldiers died from gunshot wounds in the civil war.

How many union soldiers served in the civil war?

Approximately 2 million soldiers served for the Union during the American Civil War, and roughly 750,000 served for the Confederacy. All told, 620,000 soldiers lost their lives during the war.

What were the yankess in the civil war?

The union soldiers.

How many US Civil War soldiers spent time in POW camps?

During the course of the US Civil War, many soldiers from both sides spent time in prisoner of war camps. It is estimated that 310,000 Confederate soldiers and 300,000 Union soldiers were prisoners of war. Some escaped and many Union soldiers were released by Union armies invading the South.

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