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tehran Iran

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Q: In 1943 the allied leaders met at?
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Why did allied leaders meet in France 1919?

The Allied leaders met in France to dicuss the Treaty of Versallies.

Where did the allied leaders meet for a conference in july of 1945-?

The allied leaders met for a conference in July of 1945 the in Potsdam.

The Allied leaders met for a conference in July of 1945?

in potsdam

Which allied leaders met at Potsdam in 1945?

Stalin, Churchill and Truman

In 1919 Allied Leaders Met in France to?

write the treaty of Versailles

Why did allied leaders meet in 1943?

peace talks to end the world war 2.

What was the moroccan coastal city where allied leaders met to plan war strategy?

During World War II, the coastal city of Casablanca (in French Morocco, as the region was then called) provided the site for an international conference of Allied leaders. Taking place in January of 1943, the conference hosted talks among British, American, and French leaders.

What was the name of the french palace where the leaders of the allied powers met in 1919?

Versailles. (Vehr-sigh)

The big three allied leaders met to discuss the postwar world at yalta in?

Soviet Union

How did the war come to an end on the European front?

The German leaders met with the Allied Leaders and signed surrender documents. The next day the German Leaders had to surrender to Stalin and the Red Army leader.

What was the French palace where the leaders of the victorious Allied Powers met to end World War 1?

The Palace of Versailles, France.

In 1919 allied leaders met in France to write what?

In 1919, Allied leader met in France to work out the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. To learn more about the Treaty, its terms and consequences, go here:

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