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Depends on how you look at it

China is while a very powerful country they haven't been battle tested in decades so that could hurt them, also you must think about the economic factors the US has lots of economic clout and can easily pick up the slack that China would leave if they went to war, China on the other hand is mainly a textiles, plastics, small products maunfacturing lord but when it came to heavy machinery and vehicles and weapons the US beats them there, so if the Chinese sell the US Bonds they own, the United States probably wouldn't pay it anyway so this wouldn't affect them and might help actually, so military size while China wins here, don't know how much it would matte considering the US would probably restart the draft in a scenario like this boosting their own numbers well above 20,000,000+, so this is a non-factor. Military Technology, US Wins, Cyber technology I'd give China the edge.

So if push came to shove I see the US coming out on top based on they have when they want much more influence and power than China does even though China is very powerful, China would be in conflict with not only the US but many NATO countries also who would love to get a shot in at China, and with Russia being in worse economic and military straights than any other major country, they would either get involved then lose quickly or not get involved.

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Q: Is china stronger than the us?
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