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caterpillar tracks have large surface area than wheels. larger the surface area, smaller will be the pressure. Hence tanks and buldozers are fitted with caterpillar tracks

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Q: Tanks and Buldozers are fitted with caterpillar tracks rather than wheels Why?
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Why war tanks have caterpillar tracks over their wheels?

The track unite all the wheels in one, so there is less chance for one or several separate wheels to stuck and not be able to move. Also it distributes more evenly the weight of the tank

Why wheels of a battle tank move on a belt?

The belts are called tracks. Normal vehicles, with just wheels, tend to sink easily into the mud when off a paved road, and become stuck. All the weight of the vehicle is pressed into the ground at four relatively small areas, making those areas likely to be pushed deeply into mud by the weight of the vehicle. Even before WWI inventors had realized that spreading the vehicles weight with the use of tracks instead of wheels would keep the vehicle from becoming mired in the mud. These were called caterpillar tracks. In WWI this innovation was adopted for a new use, when battle tanks were invented. The wider the track, the better the vehicle is able to keep from sinking into the mud, but this was not really understood until WWII. The tracks use the same principle as snowshoes, developed by Eskimos, that look a little bit like tennis rackets. The snowshoes spread the weight of the foot over the top of the snow, keeping the foot from sinking into the snow. Most of the wheels on the side of a battle tank are there just to give support and shape to the tracks. These are called bogey wheels. Only the back wheels on either side are connected to the engine and supply power to the tracks. These back, drive wheels are cog wheels, geared, with teeth. These teeth fit into slots on the inside of the track to drive the tracks around.

What were two advantages that the north had over the south during the civil war?

Two advantages that the Union had were the Telegraph and industry. the North had all of the factories and allowed them to build all the train tracks, guns, etc... And then the telegraph linked union forces and intelligence together in a matter of seconds rather than days for the Confederacy.

A shortage of what would have devastating consequences for the south during the civil war?

Railroad tracks

Why did tanks have tracks?

Tracks have more traction because they cover more ground with no spaces in between. Wheeled vehicles have spaces between the wheels which allow the wheels to fall into holes/cracks/crevices/etc; allowing the wheeled vehicle to get stuck.

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What name is given to the tracks on which tanks and bulldozers run?

Caterpillar tracks.

What name is given to tracks on a tank?


Why do tanks have caterpillar tracks?

The battle tanks have caterpillar tracks instead of tires because the tires cannot manage the weight of the tanks.When area increases pressure decreases .So when caterpillar tracks are used the pressure decreases and the battle tanks can move easily.

Can a snowmobile drive on snow?

Yes it can, using caterpillar tracks.

Why tracter use Caterpillar tracks?

Caterpillar tracks spread the load much better than plain wheels. This is especially useful - where the machinery is travelling over soft earth, such as on a building site.

When did claes oldenburg make the lipstick on caterpillar tracks?

may 15, 1969

Tractors have large tyres bulldozers have caterpillar tracks?

Yes, that statement is generally true.

What can you use for half track tracks?

Depending on the model of halftrack, either steel caterpillar tracks or rubber band tracks can be used. Some models offered compatibility with either type.

What are caterpillar tracks?

Caterpillar tracks are knobbly strips of metal or rubber, which wrap around the wheels of tanks, bulldozers and other off road vehicles. They stop the wheels from getting stuck in muddy or sandy ground. This is a very helpful technique.

Why do tractors have caterpillar tracks?

The reason why tractors use caterpillar or crawler tiers is due to there superior traction and flotation. Which are a great help when the soil is heavy or wet.

Why are caterpillar tracks used in battle tanks instead of tires?

Battle tanks use caterpillar tracks to spread their heavy weight on soft ground. this prevents the sinking of land under the weight of the tank . ( as more the surface area less the pressure .)

What part of speech is caterpillar?

"Caterpillar" is fundamentally a noun. Like most nouns naming tangible objects, it can also be used to modify other nouns and in that use is often considered a "substantive adjective". "Look at that bright-colored caterpillar!" (simple noun); "Those are caterpillar tracks" (substantive adjective). To help tell the difference, note that the last example sentence could alternatively be written as, "Those are tracks of a caterpillar" or "Those are a caterpillar's tracks". This distinction is especially useful when translating English into some other language that does not allow as much freedom to adapt one word form to another part of speech as English does.

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