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Year Troop Level 1959 760 1960 900 1961 3,025 1962 11,300 1963 16,300 1964 23,300 1965 184,300 1966 385,300 1967 485,600 1968 536,100 1969 475,200 1970 334,600 1971 156,800 1972 24,200 1973 50

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Q: U.S. Troop levels in Vietnam War?
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What action did President Nixon take that increased opposition to the Vietnam War in the US?

increasing troop levels

What was the total of us troop fatalities in Vietnam war?


How did the aircraft help us in the Vietnam War?

Timely troop movements, troop support, supplies, and strategic air stikes.

Why did us send troop to Vietnam?

South Vietnam was our ally and the US did not want the communist N. Vietnam to conquer them. The whole Cold War era thing was wack!

How did the event of Vietnam war develop after US dispatch troops in Vietnam?

One event that caused an escalation of troop involvement in Vietnam was the incident in 1964 at the Gulf of Tonkin.

How many troops were in a platoon?

During the Vietnam War, a US Army "Troop" was a US Cavalry "Company." Example(s): "A" Troop, "B" Troop, "C" Troop, etc. The Australian Army in Vietnam called their "Companies" a "Squadron", and called their "Platoons" a "Troop." (During the war) The US Army standard "Infantry" Platoon was approximately forty men. An "Armor" platoon (in Vietnam) consisted of 5 Patton tanks per platoon; with 20 tank crewmen per platoon...led by a 2nd or 1st Lieutenant.

How many troops did the US have in Vietnam at the end of 1965?

US troop strength began to increase as the war in Vietnam continued without an end in sight. By the end of 1965, US President Johnson had authorized the 185,000 positioned in Vietnam.

Who increased us troop strength in Vietnam to 500000?


What is the greatest number of us military troop in Vietnam?


When did troop carrier 464 go to Vietnam?

Discounting US aircraft (fixed wing & rotor wing) the only troop transports used during the Vietnam war were US Navy vessels and the US Army's M113 APC/ACAV (Armored Personnel Carrier/Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle).

When did drafting start in the Vietnam war?

The draft started before the US war in Vietnam. Your question is actually about when the USG started posting draftees to Vietnam. That would probably be in March 1966 when At Pres. Johnson announced a singificant build-up of US troop strength in March of that year. Prior to that, every announcement of further troop commitments included a statement that only volunteers were concerned.

Why did the US reduce troop support in south Vietnam?

they had the runs and were out of toilet paper

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