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Hitler was right-handed, if you look at pictures of him signing the 1938 Munich pact you can clearly see signing with his right hand.

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Q: Was Hitler right or left handed?
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Was Adolf Hitler right hand or left hand?

It is generally accepted that Adolf Hitler (dictator of WWII) was a right hander since he wrote with his right hand, raised it with his salute and shook hands with his right. However this proves only that this is what he did with his right hand. We know that all these activities conform to cultural imperatives. We need to distinguish between a writing (and cultural) hand and an adept hand. It is difficult to find evidence either way with regard to which, if either, was Hitler's adept hand. However, it is relevant to point out the Wilhelm II, (grandson of Queen Victoria via English mother, also Victoria, the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria), had a 'withered' left arm, attributed to difficult birth necessitating forceps delivery and damage. His right hand was constrained in attempt to remedy left arm 'Erb's palsy'. What if his left hand was his natural (adept) hand. This would go some way to explaining his adult personality and role in instigating WWII. It is also important to point out that another great 'visionary' Stalin had small-pox as a child which permanently scarred his face and was twice injured on his left arm by horse drawn carriages. This exempted him from military service in WW1. We neglect, at our peril, how the hands literally and metaphorically handle what the world throws at us, and the consequences for the individual, family and society when the natural hand is frustrated! This logic suggests that Hitler was indeed a 'masked' left hander!

Was Adolf Hitler a pedophile?

Its not clear if Hitler was a pedophile or not and it is a false assumption that the nazi party is right-wing when they are clearly national socialists and aligned with the left. There is a book published of the memoirs of August Kubizek, a friend of Hitler during his youth, that are suprisingly homo-erotic. The book is "The Hidden Hitler" by Lothar Machtan.

Who was Hitler personally?

personally, hitler was a big old crackpotYou got that right.

Weird but true facts?

11% of the world is left handed. a starfish has no brain

Was Hitler right?

No. Committing genocide is wrong.

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Was Adolf Hitler right hand or left hand?

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