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Q: What European countries were capitalist during the cold war?
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What were the capitalist countries during the cold war?

Russia and some other countries. Find out for yourself.

Was Japan communist or capitalist during the cold war?


What European countries sided with the us during the cold war?

my bum

What alliance of north America and European countries was created during the cold war?


What alliance of North America an European countries was created during the cold war?


What alliance of North American and European countries was created during the Cold War?

nato and warsaw.

How did US became of the First World?

It's unclear really who coined the terms first, second, and third world. They were commonly used during the Cold War to refer to capitalist countries, communist countries, and all remaining countries, respectively. Since the US was the leading capitalist country during the Cold War, they got to be the First World...and probably because someone in the US coined the term.

What side was Austria on during the Cold War?

Austria was capitalist throughout the Cold War. It was on the USA's side of the Cold War.

What happened to Germany during the cold war?

During the Cold War Germany was divided into capitalist Western Germany and Communist Eastern Germany.

Why was the Soviet Union able to invade and control so many Eastern European countries during the Cold War?

cause it was cold so people where cold and other were warm

What eastern European countries did western Europe aid during the cold war?

All of them, to some degree and at some point.

How did the cold War affect Eastern European countries?

by death

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