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I don't know for sure. I think blue.

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Q: What are the colors of the Unions uniforms in the Civil War?
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What were the colors of the civil war uniforms?

Confederates= gray Union= blue

What color where the confederate uniforms in the civil war?

Confederate uniforms in the Civil War (1861-1865) were red.

How were the uniforms for the Civil War made?

They were made by women who worked for the civil war.

What did the uniforms look like during the Civil War?

In general, the Union forces had dark blue uniforms. The Confederate troops wore mostly gray. Both sides had units that wore uniforms that were of other colors.

Who side was Nevada on in the Civil War?

Nevada was on the unions side in the civil war

What colors represented each side of the US Civil War?

At the beginning of the US Civil War, some of the the Confederate army uniforms were a butternut color. Grey was introduced as soon as these color uniforms could be produced. The US army already had blue uniforms and remained with that color.

What was the Differences of uniforms of the union and confederate in the civil war?

They are different colors and kind of a different style too. The Union's uniforms were a little bit of a better quality then the Confederate's uiforms, but not by much.

What is the difference between the civil war uniforms and today war uniforms?

Today's combat uniforms do not have specific colours. Many are camouflaged.

Why did the soldiers wear uniforms during the civil war?

Soldiers wore uniforms during the civil war so that they would know who was the union and confederate.

What was the unions capital during the civil war?

Washington D.C was the unions capital.

What strategy did the confederates use to beat the unions in the civil war?

the union won the civil war !

What is a unions strength during the civil war?


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